Message from the President of IISEC

Developing Human Resources into Information Security Professionals for a Trusted Future.

"Information" is an indispensable source for supporting comfortable lives and a prosperous economy. "Information Security" has become increasingly important in order to protect and maintain intact information. Over the past few years, society has been threatened by a variety of problems, including targeted attacks on specific companies and organizations, phishing, information leakage, and cyberattacks between countries. The development of human resources, capable of solving these problems and ensuring information security, has become a top priority for our country, as well as for a global society.

IISEC was established in 2004 and has been engaged in education and research as a graduate school, specializing in Information Security, with an aim to systematize new studies and train experts. As a result, we have created a world’s leading academic system of Information Security that encompasses, cryptography, networks, systems technology, organizational management, and related laws and ethics related to Information Security. We are consistently making improvements, in response to changes in the information security environment.

So far IISEC has received grants from Japan’s Education Ministry (MEXT) for the following programs: the ISS Square (highly professional information security training program integrated with research and practical operations) and the enPiT (cross-cutting practical information education collaboration network). These programs have helped combine professional knowledge with practical skills. We have already established close links with a number of companies, government agencies, and local communities and industries by joint research projects and regular information security public workshops.

As of March 2021, IISEC has granted 469 Master's and 45 PhD degrees. These students are now playing important roles in industry and government agencies, as information security experts. One of the great features for our graduate school is that our alumni are contributing to ensuring the information security of society, building a strong network among themselves. We expect that the number of international students will increase in the future, and that the contribution of our alumni network will expand internationally.