About Us

We develop human resources to be able to create a future of trusted information security.

We live in the age of information. As various forms of information are spreading across the world, many diverse forms of businesses and activities are springing up to make use of them. In recent years, we have encountered different types of information security problems including targeted attacks against specific corporate organizations, phishing, information leakage, and cyber attacks against interested nations. It is difficult to see IT progress without solutions of these problems.

To cope with this situation, we need various specialized human resources such as engineers, practitioners and researchers in the field of information security. Obtaining a lot of capable specialists is even a national agenda. However, those who have substantial expertise in information security matters are only limited in number in Japan although there are a lot of experts specializing in general information.

IISEC was established in 2004 as a graduate school specializing in information security, and ever since then, we have devoted ourselves to advanced education and research under the slogan, gsystemizing a new study field and fostering specialists.h Eventually, we have structured our curriculum consisting of cryptography, network system, system technology, operation, law and ethics to be competitive in the world. Moreover, we never stop brushing up our curriculum to cultivate talents.

Meanwhile, collaborating closely with a number of business corporations, we have started an information security specialist certification program for the gIntegrated Special Scheme for Information Security Specialist cultivationh project sponsored by the Education Ministry. Also, we regularly host information security workshops open to the public to work together with society, and will develop these activities more in future.

By the end of March, 2012, 208 students have received a masterfs degree and 20 have been granted a Ph.D. in informatics from IISEC. These graduates have begun functioning as strong networks of information security. We have a feature to have many corporate employees and self-employees among our students; in addition, we have recently seen a growing number of international students who are expected to increase more in future. We look forward to cultivating a lot of highly-motivated, diverse students so that IISEC could be Mt. Liang, the stronghold of eminent specialists in information security.

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