About Industry-Academia Partnerships / Inter-University Partnerships

Industry-Academia Partnerships

(General Policy for Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration)

As an independent graduate school specialising in "Information Security" that supports the important social infrastructure in the future, we contribute to society by providing practical education and research activities in cooperation with industry, academia and government organisations based on the following policies:

  • In order to train information security talents who meet growing social needs, our institute provides high level information security education and develops our education system to address real world security issues in cooperation with industry, academia, and government organisations.
  • We established a research institute with the aim of contributing to the development of society through advanced research and trends survey in information security technology and management methods, and joint research and activities with various institutions.
  • We accept many mature students with diverse background and a strong sense of ownership from various companies and government offices. By sharing real world security issues in real time, we can further enhance our education and research content.
  • Whilst promoting an advanced information security personnel training programme that integrates research and practice, we will continue working on providing new educational programmes and building an extensive professional network in cooperation with industry, academia, and government organisations as a hub for information security education, research, and enlightenment.
Examples of our Industry-Academia Partnerships

Inter-University Partnerships

As of March 2019, we have partnerships with the following graduate schools and research institutes.
Students can take advantage of a variety of learning and research opportunities using the inter-university network.