Cyber Security and Governance Course

Cyber Security and Governance Course

Cyber Security and Governance Course

To become a leader of a cyber rescue team combining cutting-edge technology and cyber norms

Course Overview

Throughout this course, students will receive the support required to develop skills in detection, analysis and defence, of the ever-increasing number of cyber-attacks. To supplement this, will be the ability to collect and analyse the threat information required for adequately resolving information security issues. For students with interest in information security management, we provide training to build and operate SOC/CSIRT organisations responsible for dealing with cyber-attacks in companies and government agencies. Therefore, this course is designed to develop comprehensive problem-solving skills by acquiring advanced technology and knowledge. These include knowledge of advanced cyber security technologies, such as digital forensics and networking, and security-related legislation and international trends required to deal with cyber-attacks in the real world.

Research Keywords

Incident Response, SOC/CSIRT Operations, Forensics and Malware Analysis, Attack Detection and Prevention, Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI), The Basic Act on Cybersecurity, Unauthorised Access and Trade Secrets, Vulnerability and Threat Information Sharing Technology and Framework (ISAC), and Others.

Image of a Master's Dissertation

Students investigate and analyse a real-world problem, propose a solution, evaluate the implementation and summarise it in the style of an academic paper. If the focus is on technology, students present the results of the analysis of real data on vulnerabilities and malware. Students achieve this via using experimental evaluation systems, and the development and evaluation of new analysis tools for their dissertations. If the focus is on legal systems and social frameworks, students research incident cases and case law according to their own interests, identify issues, and make recommendations to resolve specific issues based on previous research and consideration of the issues.

Message from the Course Leader

Prof. Harumichi Yuasa
Dealing with cyber-attacks is essential for an individual's social life, companies and government. This requires advanced technologies for detecting, analysing and responding to attacks, as well as digital forensics. It is also necessary to have a broad knowledge of the legal systems that underpin attack response and the international circumstance for cyber security. This course welcomes students who wish to be analysts in CSIRTs, or who will be responsible for security or crisis management in corporate planning or legal departments, in the future.

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