How To Use The Curriculum For Different Objectives

In the IISEC Master's programme, in addition to regular lectures and research guidance provided by our faculty members, we offer optional programmes through the inter-university partnerships and the industry-academia partnerships. Our students are able to participate in different programmes according to their interests and objectives. Furthermore, many of our students, including mature students, actively challenge themselves during their studies by giving presentations at conferences and seminars, participating in information security contests, and applying for essay contests.

Type 1

Focusing on a Master's degree

I would like to focus on acquiring knowledge and research for my Master's dissertation.

Students are not required to participate any optional programmes. Instead, they can focus on the standard subjects of each course to acquire and reinforce knowledge for further study. In addition, students will develop their research skills through research guidance and discussions in their research lab, and they can focus on research for their master's dissertation during their studies at IISEC. Students can also take advantage of the Kanagawa Graduate School Exchange Agreement to which over 20 universities in Kanagawa Prefecture join. This allows students to take classes offered by other graduate schools related to their research topic.

The titles of the Master's dissertations submitted so far can be viewed on our website.


Type 2

Dual-Enrolment with ISS square

I would like to develop a broad perspective through activities beyond my research lab and lectures, and make the best use of my research in a practical manner.

ISS square (Highly Professional Information Security Training Programme integrated with Research and Practical Operations) is an option programme for mater's students. This programme is carried out by industry-academia partnerships with our institute between Chuo University, the National Institute of Informatics, and 11 other companies and research institutes. In addition to the IISEC's extensive lectures, students can acquire advanced problem-finding and problem-solving skills through the ISS square activities. The activities include research groups, cross-cutting workshops, semi-closed visits to security-related facilities, presentation of research results at symposium. Students also have the opportunity for internship training in security practice. On completion of the two-year programme, students are awarded an ISS certificate as well as a Master's degree. A number of mature students currently in employment have participated in and completed the programme, so we encourage all type of students to take up the challenge.

About ISS square

Type 3 &

Triple-Enrolment with ISS square and enPiT-Security

In addition to the ISS square activities, I would like to challenge as many practical exercises and hands-on trainings as possible.

enPiT (Cross-cutting Practical Information Education Collaboration Network) is a programme that brings together academic staff from 15 graduate schools and experts from companies across the country. enPiT for cyber-security (enPiT-Security) offers a practical cyber-security professional training course (SecCap) in collaboration with five partner universities including IISEC. The programme offers common and advanced lectures focusing on real-world incident analysis and security implementation exercises.

There is also comprehensive hand-on exercises in summer (August - September) on techniques for handling threats and attacks. At IISEC, the SecCap is offered as a subset of the ISS square programme. At the end of the first year, students who have completed the programme will receive a SecCap certificate. Around 90% of ISS Square participants also take this programme. If you are interested, we recommend that you take up the challenge.

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