Greetings from the Dean of the Graduate School

We aim to educate key personnel who can acquire deep expertise and comprehensive security skills.

As the threat of cyber-attacks has become an everyday reality to all sectors, securing information security experts has been a significant task for society. However, there has been a problem of an absolute shortage of information security professionals. In order to cope with this situation, IISEC was established in 2004 and has been offering courses by academic and technical experts, in which students can choose classes from a wide range of subjects so that they can be leaders to train information security personnel in their organizations and society.

IISEC offers four major courses: Mathematical Sciences, Cyber Security and Governance, Systems Design, and Security/Risk Management. We have academic professionals specializing in each subject, including Cryptography, Blockchain, AI Theory and Applications, Cyber-attack Detection and Defense Techniques, Laws, Secure System Design, and Security Management, respectively. Lectures and research guidance given by our faculty staff make it possible to develop highly qualified information security experts in any fields of society. In recent years, we have begun to teach Information Security Psychology, which is important, yet to be taught elsewhere.

Moreover, collaborating with several companies and universities, we provide opportunities for students to improve their practical skills in information security. These include ISS Square and enPiT programs. The former features internships, cross-disciplinary workshops, and site visits to the frontline of information security operators, while the latter features exercises with an emphasis on practical skills for information security.

Professor Takao Okubo