Skill Development and Career Opportunities

We nurture highly skilled technicians and practitioners who are responsible for solving real-world information security issues from a broad perspective, and creative researchers who will lead the future.

In order to realise appropriate information security in the real world, it is necessary to take a comprehensive approach by integrating "cryptography", "network technology", "information system", "management and administration", "law" and "information ethics". IISEC is unique in that it offers a comprehensive study of all these aspects.

The IISEC Master's programme takes an interdisciplinary approach, and combines a variety of lectures, experiments and hands-on practices to provide students with the opportunity to acquire deep expertise and practical skills. The lectures include the foundations of information science and legal study, information security technical skills, real-life examples of cyber-security threats, and the current status and challenges of social systems. We also provide presentation exercises focusing on the investigation and discussion of new technologies and cyber-security issues. In response to the needs of companies and government agencies, which are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex, the four course frames have been renewed since October 2016 to meet a wide range of human resource development and education demands, in both technical and management fields. Students are also free to take the modules recommended by other courses, under the guidance of their supervisor.

The Doctoral programme builds on the knowledge gained in the Master's programme to carry out advanced research in each student's specialty area in information security. Taking advantage of the consecutive education from the Master's programme, we aim to nurture researchers and research leaders who will play an active role as core personnel in various fields of society, through further in-depth education and research on information security. The Doctoral programme is open for both internal and external entrants with research experience in the field of information security. By doing so, we strive to systematise information security as a comprehensive science from multiple perspectives.

Master's Programme

Engineers with consultancy skills. Managers with a strong technical and systems background.
In the IISEC Master's programme, we nurture highly skilled personnel with a broad perspective and insight on information security as an integrated discipline, and who will be responsible for resolving issues in society as leaders.

Engineer, System Consultant, Analyst (Engineering)
Engineers with solid expertise and a broad perspective on information security who can design, develop, build and propose secure systems and products, as well as experts in technical consulting.

Security Manager, Business Consultant (Management)

Leaders who have comprehensive knowledge of information security and make appropriate risk analysis and assessment based on social variables and constraints, and are responsible for effective policy recommendations and human security measures in companies and organisations.

Career path after graduation

Telecommunications / Information Services / SIer / Makers / Security Vendors / Think Tanks / Consulting Firms / Finance / Distribution / Newspapers & Publishing / Printing / Educational and Research Institutions / Investigative Bureau / Government Office / Entering a PhD course, etc.

Other University Departments IISEC Telecommunications, Information Services, Security Vendors, etc.

Whilst most of the current students in the IISEC Master's programme are mature students, about 20% of our students join us right after completing their undergraduate studies. After graduating from IISEC, our students have been employed within the IT industry, in areas such as telecommunications, information services, and security vendors, as well as in other industries. Since its opening, we are proud of our "high employment rate for new graduates".

List of companies where our new graduates' alumni are working (03/2006 - 03/2015)

Eastern Co.,Ltd., Internet Security System Co.,Ltd.(※), NTT Data i Corporation, NTT Data Creation Corporation, NTT Data Intellilink Corporation, CrossTV Inc, Computer System Engineering Co., Ltd., Dynam Japan Holdings Co.,Ltd., Business Communication System Engineering Co., Ltd., KDDI Corporation, NS Solutions Corporation, Secom Co., Ltd., Trend Micro Incorporated, Nikko Systems Solutions, Ltd., Nippon Algorithm Company Ltd., Cyber University Inc., Hamagomu Aicom Inc., Hitachi Solutions Ltd., Yahoo Japan Corporation, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, Hitachi Solutions Create Ltd., Nittoh Computer Service Co., Ltd., JRA System Service Co., Ltd., Sansan Inc., exmart Inc., Five Drive Co., Ltd., LAC Co., Ltd., JBCC Holdings Inc., Humanage Inc., Persol Process & Technology Co., Ltd., Komeri Co., Ltd., Others.

(※) ISS Division, IBM Japan, Ltd. from 1st October 2007

Doctoral Programme

The IISEC Doctoral programme provides students solid expertise, multiple perspectives, and the ability to lead the resolution of information security problems through advanced research experience.

A Leading Researcher for the Future of Information Security

We train researchers and research leaders who play an active role as core personnel in various fields of society, by using their advanced research and analytical skills, and expertise in information security.
Students in the Doctoral programme will gain a broad perspective and insight on information security as an integrated discipline. All whilst undertaking highly specialised research and developing cutting-edge scholarly works in a particular field. By doing so, we nurture independent researchers who play a central role in various educational and research institutions, and practical researchers who work for companies and government agencies. In addition, we train university teachers and other professionals with solid teaching and research skills in the relevant fields.