Advisory Board

IISEC has set up the advisory board comprising key figures in public and private sectors to improve overall research activities and human resource development as an educational institute. We value outsidersf advice and guidance to review research and educational achievements by various external viewpoints for our endeavor to meet social needs, and catch up with technological development.

Advisory Board Membersas of April 2012
Shigemi Ohba
Deputy Mayor, City of Yokohama
Isao Ono
Chairman, Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.
Terushoshi Kawai
President , ASP-SaaS-Cloud Consortium
Masasuke Kishi
Senior Vice President, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Kazuo Kyuma
Vice President, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
Keiko Kiyohara
Mayor, City of Mitaka, Tokyo
Yoshikazu Kudo
Corporate Senior Vice President, Fujitsu Ltd.
Hideko Knii
Chairperson, Ricoh IT Solutions Co., Ltd
Yoshiyuki Kozeki
CEO & President, NEC BIGLOBE, Ltd.
Yoshiaki Koabayashi
Professor, Keio University
Ryoichi Sasaki
Professor, Tokyo Denki University
Jun Sawada
Director, NTT Communications Corp.
Hiromichi Shinohara
Senior Vice President, NTT Corp.
Akira Sudo
Executive Officer, Toshiba Corp.
Waichi Sekiguchi
Editorialist, Nikkei Inc.
Kenji Nagai
Executive Managing Director, NHK
Katura Hattori
Producer, The Asashi Shimbun
Kazumasa Fujie
Chairman, Information-Technology, Promotion Agency (IPA)
Mitsuo Furuoya
Vice Governor, Kanagawa Prefecture
Takashi Hotta
General Manager, Hitachi, Ltd., System Development Laboratory
Hideo Miyahara
Chairman, National Institute of Information & Communications Technology (NICT)
Yoichi Muraoka
Professor, Waseda University
Yoichiro Morinaga
Senior Auditor, Systems & Communications Co., Panasonic Corp.
Hiroshi Yasuda
Professor, Tokyo Denki University
Masato Yamamoto
Senior Vice President, NEC Corp.
Akinori Yonezawa
Deputy Director, RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science
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