Let's introduce the new theme of Information Security, in which various factors are complexly intertwined.

IISEC Admission Office
Deputy Director Hiromi Miura

Thank you for your interest in IISEC.

What kind of image do you have of "Information Security"?
At the same time as being a technological domain, that covers areas such as cryptography and system administration, it is a field that covers a number of non-technical domains. Management, government administration, the legal system and ethics, public relations and public hearing are all domains covered as part of information security practice. In that sense, Information Security is a theme that can be addressed from multiple perspectives regardless of one's background, speciality, industry, or occupation. In fact, in addition to new undergraduate graduates, many mature students gather at IISEC to study and research. Mature students of many levels, gather to build awareness of various issues, related to Information and Cyber Security.

We invite new graduate students to acquire solid skills and a sense of professionalism at IISEC, where you will join many students actively working in the security industry. We recommend all working people to attend a graduate school in order to systematically learn and understand the complex structure of Information and Cyber Security, which is a wide-ranging discipline from technology to management. In addition, this institute offers lectures on Saturdays and weekday evenings, for the convenience of students currently in employment. In fact, I was one such student that attended a graduate school while in employment. From my own experience, I understand the difficulty and fulfilment of balancing both work and study. From experience, the phrase "procrastination is the thief of time" rings true.

The institute was established in 2004 as Japan's first independent graduate school specialising in Information Security. With well-developed educational programmes crafted from 16 years of experience and our energetic faculty members, we would like to help you turn your "dream" into a "reality".

We are looking forward to receiving applications from people who are interested in the new theme and are willing to work on it.

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