Career to Pursue After Graduation

Our mission is to cultivate human resources who, with a broad perspective, will be advanced technical experts and practitioners to solve information security problems, and creative researchers to spearhead the future direction.

To achieve a secure information society, interdisciplinary education is needed as part of comprehensive measures. IISEC features its well-organized comprehensive courses composed of "cryptography," "network technology," "information systems," "management and operation," "legal system," and "information ethics."

The Master's program is designed to enable students to acquire a deep expertise and practical knowledge by an interdisciplinary approach in lectures, seminars, experiments, and on-site trainings. The lectures cover a wide range of subjects such as fundamentals of information science and law, information security expertise, case study of security threats, and current issues and topics of social systems. Seminars provide individuals with an opportunity of research presentations and debates on new technologies and security issues. Depending on individuals' research interest, background, and career image, four courses are ready to develop their research knowledge and skills. Also, students are allowed to take featured subjects of other courses under the guidance of major professors.

The Doctoral program is designed to help students perform advanced research in their specialized area related to information security based on the knowledge of master's program. The integrated program with the masterfs offers more specialized research opportunities and aims to foster individuals to be researchers and research advisors as key players in various areas of society. Additionally, external master's degree holders and those who have had research experience in information security are welcome to enroll in the doctoral program so that we can endeavor to systematize the information security as a comprehensive science from diversified perspectives.

Mission of the Masterfs Program

IISEC cultivates students who will be information security specialists to be able to solve on-site problems as a leader with a broad vision and insight, such as an engineer capable of consulting or a manager knowledgeable about technology and systems as below:

Desired Engineer and System Consultant:

Specialist who is capable to design, develop and build secure systems and products reliably, and also to conduct a technical consultation with expertise and a broad vision on information security.

Desired Security Manager and Business Consultant:

Leader who is equipped with a comprehensive knowledge of information security, and is capable of performing risk analysis based on variable social factors and restrictions, resulting in making effective policy proposals and drawing up countermeasures for security.

Mission of the Doctoral Program

The doctoral program aims to develop individualsf ability to take a lead in solving information security problems by solid expertise and interdisciplinary perspectives through cutting-edge-research achievements.

Researchers who become leaders in information security

IISEC aims to produce key researchers and research advisors specializing in information security to work in various fields of society, making full use of advanced research skills and expertise. The Ph.D. students are required to conduct highly specialized research to build a structure of leading-edge study, enriching their knowledge and perspectives of an overall information security as an interdisciplinary science. Thus, IIEC graduates are expected to play a leading role in industrial, governmental, academic and research institutions.

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